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Your gift will be more than a hand out . Instead, you will be
supporting programs and services that encourage positive
development. Your donation will promote empowerment to the
people in whom we serve. Your donations allows the people in whom
we serve to move toward productive living. When you support the
work of Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence  you make a difference in
our community,  one person at a time. Please feel free to choose from
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Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence would like to share with
you our newest project that we are working on. We have
currently launched a project called Million Dollar Campaign.
We are asking for a donation of $1.00, yes; you heard right
$1.00 If you would like to donate more we would greatly
appreciate it. We are asking a million people for $1.00 dollar
to provide transitional housing for women who are exiting
the criminal justice system. We Thank you; in advance for
your donations. Please fill free to choose which payment
method that you would like to use for your donation.

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Million Dollar Campaign
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