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Employment Opportunities:

  • Case Manager / Social Worker

  • Marketing Specialize

  • Public Relations Director

  • Magazine Publisher

  • Accountant / (CPA)

  • Grant Writer

  • House Manager's

Women with Opulence are looking for people who are
passionate, loyal, and dedicated to their work. Also people who
are interested in a career and not just a job. We are seeking
people who have the heart to help other's, and who are willing to
go the extra mile. People who are compassionate about what they
do and also people who's purpose it is to work with our particular
group of women. Also, people who believe in finishing what they
start. If this is you, we would like to hear from you.

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Employment Application
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Just a little
Friendly Note
Come prepared
with a nurturing
heart and a
helping hand.
Perfume and
incense bring joy
to the heart
willing and
ready to go the
extra mile
ready and
willing to go
over and
beyond the call
of duty