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Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence has created this privacy statement in
order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy interests of our users.
The following discloses the information gathering and practice of our website.

Visitors wishing to contact us, make a donation or volunteer for events /
services are required to provide personal information such as their name and
email address, and in certain cases their credit card information. This
information is used only to respond to a direct inquiry and /or to administer
your request
( making a donation, etc.)

At no time will your contact information be traded, sold, leased, borrowed to
third-party vendors without our full disclosure to you.

Our site contains links to other sites to enhance the value and depth of
resources we provide to our visitors. Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence is
not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, nor
should a relationship be implied unless otherwise specified.

Any reference to "Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence" within the context of
this Privacy Policy shall be considered inclusive of all entities operated by
Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence.

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence does not and will not sell or rent your
personal information to anyone.

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence will only share personal information in the
interest of public safety and as required by law.

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence will contact you for your approval if we
have a need to use any information covered by this policy in a manner not
described within this policy.

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence will only share your information with other
entities when we have your consent or to provide you with the service you

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence will require other entities that we have
been given consent to give your information, to adhere to our Privacy Policy

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence will restrict access to your personal
information to only those who have the reasonable need to access said
information to provide services to you.

Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence website includes sites that are operated
by other organizations. When accessing those sites, the privacy and
protection policies of that site will apply and not those of

If you email us, please be advised that there is no encryption to protect the
transaction of that information and that it is not secured against interception.

While we attempt to provide you with a safe Internet experience, all security
systems can be breached by persons engaged in willful or malicious criminal
conduct. Therefore, we do not guarantee the security of our database, nor can
we provide you with a guarantee that information you send over the Internet
will not be intercepted  en - route to

Should our database be breached, we will comply with all applicable state
and federal laws with respect to such computer intrusions.

All Donations are final and there will be no refunds of any kind
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