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Since I've been attending the
groups. I have learned how
to deal with my family and
friends. I've learned to focus
more on what I need to do
and not what other's want me
to do. It's a blessing to
attend the groups because I
have learned to look at life
from a positive outlook.

This program has helped me
in a way, I've never expected.
It has showed me that there
are people out there with the
same situations as me or
maybe even worse. It has also
helped me to learn how to
look at certain situations in a
different light. Overall it's a
great program.

Throughout my days of
attending group, I've gained
patience and I am now able to
stay focused on my goals. I've
also started praying more.
Attending groups has
helped me in so many ways.
Since I have been attending,
I've learned to prioritize
things, and now I have time
to make sure I'm doing what
God wants me to do and not
what I want to do. Also, I
have a bad attitude problem,
but I have learned in the
groups that having a bad
attitude will have me stuck
in bad situations; where, I
don't want to be. I really
appreciate the groups and it
has opened my eyes to
change and is turning me
into a better person.

Since, I've been attending
the meetings, I've learned
how to say no and how to
love my family from a
distance, if they are going to
be negative in my life. I've
learned that the past is the
past and look to the future
instead of wishing you did
something different in that
situation. I've also learned to
control my mind and not be
so easily distracted.

At the time, I had only
participated in this group one  
time but, I have to say; that it
was exactly what I needed. I
couldn't hold back my tears,
because honestly, I just prayed
the night before to hear a
uplifting message from a
Christian perspective. I was  
honored to be apart of the
group. Since then it has been a
releasing and calming
experience and a constant
reminder to put; God first and
never give up.

Hi my name is Sherry. I would just
like to say that when I first came to
group I was depressed. But after I
attended group meetings with Mrs.
Renita, my spirit has been lifted up
she made my eyes open up to see
things that I couldn't see before,
now I can look past my situations
and see a future for myself. At first
I didn't have a plan for my life, but
after talking to her and the other
women in our group, I have set
goals for my life. Each day I try to
do something to help me reach the
goals that I have set for my life. I
can't thank Mrs. Renita enough for
taking the time to motive me. What
she speaks about in the meetings
is real talk. I thank God for her, she
is a blessing!

You to can Make a Difference in someone elses
life, hear the hearts of people who are seeking
your support. Let's make a Difference Together!!!
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