Gomer Inc  / Women With Opulence is a Nonprofit organization. Our
mission is to restore hope and build  purpose and vision into the lives of
women and young women. Gomer will empower women to lead lives with
dignity in their communities and their families. Gomer will develop personal
growth in the lives of women in the following areas: Spiritual, Physical,
Social, Emotional, and Mental. Gomer will bring women to a place of
restoration and opulence, where they are empowered to move toward
productive living.


Gomer’s / Women With Opulence vision is to continue to secure building's
and / or land to provide transitional housing for women who are exiting the
criminal justice system. Our organization will assist women to replace fear,
jealously, envy, self pity and hurt, with trust, love, joy and peace. This will
improve healthy behavior, relationships and educational goals. Our vision
will allow women to obtain balance and liberty, while providing a safe haven
of reassurance. Gomer believes that everyone is a work in progress; and
everyone should be working toward change and progress daily.
About Us
Restoring Hope &
Building Purpose &

Let your eyes look right on with fixed purpose, and let your gaze be

straight before you.  Forsake not wisdom and she will keep, defend, and

protect you; love her, and she will guard you.  Poverty and shame come to

him who refuses instruction and correction, but he who needs reproof is


Because everyone was born for a purpose, we believe it is important that we
assist other's in their purpose.

When talking to some of the women whom we mentor, we found out that most
women act out of their emotions.
Many of the women expressed that after they were released from jail or
prison  whatever visions or dreams that they might have had were lost.
However, most of the women also expressed that apart of them was also lost
or stolen when they went to prison.
This is why we believe it is vital to restore a person dreams and visions,
because without dreams or visions; a person is just existing without a cause
or purpose.
Your dreams allow you to be motived and your visions says" yes I can".
If you can see yourself doing something then chances are you would work that
much harder to achieve it.
Many people are living in survival mode and have a survival mode mindset.
This type of mindset means to many of them whatever happens on today or
for today that's just fine by me.
Many of the women haven't been taught any preparation skills among many
other things. This is just one of the many issues that women who are released
from prison deal with most of the women desire to know their purpose.
Purpose is--- what is the reason that I was born and what is it that I must do
while I'm here on the earth.
Many people are imprisoned by their own attitude. This causes limits which
locks a person in a place within their own creativity.
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