Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women Re-enter
The purpose of Gomer Inc / Women With Opulence is to bring women and
young women to a place of peace and rest in their souls.
So many times when people go through something they tend to bury their
problems and pretend as though nothing ever happened.
Many times when this happens the effects began to show in a person
Gomer Inc goal is to present new ideas toward the way a person think so
that we can assist in changing the mindset of the way they perceive things.
This is why it is important to deal with the renewing of a person mind
because old habits and thoughts are much harder to break.
We have found out that many women return back to their old way's and
habits because that is all they know and that is what is familiar to them
so, rather then have a lack they go back to what they are use to.
Most out of a need and some out of fear.
However, this type of behavior sets generational cycles and those are the
barriers that we are seeking to break.  
Never leave a generation behind
Making a new and different path for others that
will come behind.
Changing generation's and stopping the cycle

Recovery cannot happen until a person is willing to look at themselves and
admit that they need help.
People who blame other people never recover because they live in a state
of denial.
Anytime you blame another person for your problems, you give that person
authority over your life.
When people blame other's; what they are saying is, I can't succeed until
you allow me to succeed.
I can't move forward in my life until you give me the right away.
Unless a person is able to accept responsibility for their actions they will
continue to be eaten up with unresolved guilt.
When a person hold things in and don't accept responsibility this is when
things began to set inside and rot and erupt in a person life in the form of
jealousy, anger, bitterness, envy, un- forgiveness, self pity, trust and many
other things began to form.
Our purpose is to also develop personal growth in the lives of women and
young women in the following areas; Spiritual, Physical, Social, Emotional,
and Mental. To Empower women and bring them to a place of Wholeness
and Completeness.
Poverty is a silent
It's jailer is dejection
and it's guards are
oppression. If you
isolate a person and
put them in a isolation
chamber for very long,
They will curl up in a
fetal position and be
totally useless. We all
need to be connected.
Change Brings
Wisdom Is
Our Goal
Recovery is a process
Not a quick Fix
Let's Stand together to
help women and young
women all over the world
who are broken and
tormented in their minds
get free in their, Body,
Minds and Souls.
Many are crying out but
few are listening. Partner
with us to make a global
effect to save our
mother's, daughters,
nieces, cousins, wives,
aunts, and sisters.

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